How To Choose The Perfect Leather Jacket

Everyone looks great in a leather jacket. However, there are so many styles of jackets and types of leather that it can be difficult to find the perfect one. Since price is usually an issue, it’s best to choose first between used or new jackets. The average new jacket starts at about two hundred dollars and can cost over two thousand dollars for a luxury brand and style. Used jackets can be found at bargain prices starting at about fifty and can usually climb to about two hundred dollars. Used luxury jackets can still cost several hundred dollars.

The first thing to know about leather jackets is that they aren’t designed to last forever. They tend to start showing wear and tear after the first year or so. Some brands use more durable materials that last a bit longer. The average jacket will need to be replaced after about five years. High-quality brands can last as long as ten years, but that’s not typical.

Used jackets come at a bargain, but that’s because they have already seen their fair share of use. This means there’s no telling how long they might last. It’s best to check the tag on the jacket to see when it was produced. It’s also a good idea to check with the previous owner about how the leather has been treated and what products were used. This information could be very telling of just how much of a bargain the jacket really is.

When buying a new designer leather jackets it’s best to look for sales and discount whenever possible. Some clothing retailers offer coupons by mail or on their mobile apps. Looking out for a good sale could save hundreds of dollars on a nice new jacket. Even when buying new, it’s a good idea to check for cracks in the leather. If the materials look worn already, it could be a sign that the jacket has been sitting too long and hasn’t been treated well. When buying a used designer leather jacket, it’s important to check for damage all over. A slight tear will result in serious damage very quickly. Beyond that, the material will just need to be checked for cracking.


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